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Freediving Week

31.08.2024 - 07.09.2024

The Maldives, with its crystal clear waters and diverse marine life, provides the perfect backdrop not only for scuba divers but also for an immersive freediving experience.


The Maldives is a true paradise for those who love to explore the underwater world without scuba gear. With its warm waters, great visibility, and a variety of marine life, it offers some of the best conditions for freediving.

Whether you are a seasoned freediver or just starting out, we are excited to introduce Scubaspa Freediving Week - a special cruise designed for certified freedivers who want to take their skills to the next level with exclusive in-water and dry workshops and masterclasses led by our guest - a freediving athlete, instructor trainer, educator, and ocean advocate, Ploy Scott.


Our itinerary for this week offers an experience like no other. All arriving guests will be picked up at the airport at 1 pm (no late arrivals will be allowed on this trip), and on the same day, we will navigate directly to Hannifaru Bay - a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve that facilitates sustainably led tourism and habitat protection for manta rays and whale sharks. This is a sublime spot for encounters with these ocean greats and makes this expedition one of a kind. It is a real privilege, as scuba diving here has been forbidden since 2012.

Besides once-in-a-lifetime manta experiences, the northern atolls of the archipelago offer numerous pinnacles which come with their own unique topography and hidden treasures such as swim-throughs and overhangs.

These calm northern waters are scattered with sandbanks and picnic islands with huge shallow lagoons that we're likely to have just to ourselves.

Please note: This tour requires a domestic return flight from Male to Dharavandhoo and back to Male. A detailed itinerary will be planned closer to the date, considering local reports on weather conditions and recent marine life encounters.


On top of daily freediving, you will have a chance to participate in the following:

Freediving Refresher

Get back in the water with confidence! Our Freediving Refresher program is perfect for recently certified freedivers or those who haven't been diving for a while. Brush up on your equalization techniques, duck dive and finning skills, and safety knowledge.

Freediving Masterclass

Designed for experienced divers seeking to enhance their techniques and knowledge. Explore deep diving techniques, advanced equalization methods, and buddy safety procedures.

Breathwork Masterclass

Discover the power of breath and mindfulness by learning to explore mental focus, control different types of breathing, and master relation to take your dives to the next level.

Freediving Photography and Modeling Workshop

Discover how to take stunning underwater photos while freediving and how to make the most of natural light. Learn how to pose underwater for the perfect shot and how to work with photographers to capture the beauty of freediving and the human interaction with wild marine life on a single breath.

Underwater Photography Editing Workshop

Learn a few tricks on how to edit your photos to perfection. From the basics of Lightroom/Photoshop to advanced techniques, discover the best tools and secret philosophies that will help you create your own style and make your underwater photos stand out.

Special Guests Onboard

Ploy Scott

PADI and Molchanovs Freediving Instructor Trainer

Thai freediving athlete, educator, traveler, and ocean advocate. Multiple Thai national freediving record holder focusing on educating people on the importance of ocean conservation and positive action.

Ismail “Isse” Nasheed

PADI and Molchanovs Freediving Instructor, AIDA Athlete

Maldivian hospitality profession-turned Freediver with two national records, top in the national ranking, and currently the deepest Maldivian Freediver.

Tony Myshlyaev

Molchanovs Freediving Instructor, Underwater Photographer

Established underwater photographer with 14 years of experience, bringing water, light, and people together to create frames that consistently turn the eye, also known as Tones of Blue.

Package Inclusions

As this is a special cruise, regular packages do not apply. Instead of standard Scuba or Spa inclusions, you will have a chance to participate in two freediving sessions each day, conducted by experienced instructors and experts in the field. Daily yoga classes and workshops described above, are included in the package.

Join us for an incredible week of freediving sessions, training, workshops and more.

For inquiries and to make a reservation, contact us at

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