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Christmas and NYE

Experience Christmas
like never before...

Join us this festive season for an expedition around the very best of the Maldives. Exploring the Central Atolls is a unique expedition that's not to be missed for both divers and non-divers alike. The North Male, South Male, and Ari Atolls provide breathtaking dives in these temperate, tropical waters and exclusive experiences upon their secluded sandbanks to bring you that much closer to nature.

Explore the underwater playground of the Ari Atoll, with more hotbeds of marine life than any other part of the Maldives. Delve deeper into the topographical features of the North Male Atoll, with caves, drop-offs, and reefs galore. Or plunge into the currents of the South Male Atoll, with channel dives full of subaquatic greats. From manta rays to turtles, to whale sharks, there's a once-in-alifetime encounter waiting for you.

Christmas Cruise
23.12.2023 - 30.12.2023

Forget the white snow associated with Christmas, and trade it for tropical white sand washed by the crystal-clear waters of the Indian ocean. Swap Santa's sleigh for Scubaspa's well-appointed yacht, as you glide through the Maldivian blue lagoon to experience awe-inspiring diving spots and secluded beaches. Whether you're looking for relaxation or adventure, take some well-deserved time to rejuvenate under the sun and stars of the Maldives.

You'll spend this spectacularly special time of year inundated with a whole new kind of holiday cheer. From taking part in sandman contests on uninhabited islands to baking and decorating gingerbread houses with our international chefs, to snuggling up to your loved ones and watching Christmas classics under a blanket of the brightest stars, this will be a bucket-worthy Christmas experience. We encourage you to join us in one of our Scubaspa holiday traditions, by wearing your favorite holiday pajamas. Of course, if these kinds of holidays aren't your thing, there's enough adventure on board to make any trip magic in its way.

Join us for our annual Christmas Eve BBQ on a beautiful deserted island tucked away in the immense expanse of the Indian ocean. From catch-of-the-day seafood to freshly prepared vegetarian alternatives, our internationally trained chefs use only the best ingredients to provide an unforgettable experience. Although our Christmas Eve BBQ is a hard act to follow, our Christmas Day turkey feast dinner with all the trimmings still manages to deliver. You'll spend the day with glorious food, impeccable company, and absolutely breathtaking scenery.

This is just a taster of the plans and surprises we have lined up to make this magical time of year even more spectacular, so get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime Christmas adventure.

New Year's Cruise
30.12.2023 - 06.01.2024

Why wait until the New Year to achieve new goals and explore new experiences? Ring in 2024 to the backdrop of the spectacular setting that is the Maldives.

Picture this, you're leaving behind 2023 on an inhabited private island to the soundtrack of a Dj and tropical waves, pearlescent sand between your toes, and a canopy of stars above your head. You're at one of the most exclusive NYE parties, dancing the night away with who could possibly be friends for life.

As they say, start as you mean to go on, glide into 2024 having a glorious time in a beautiful place.

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